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This game is about getting back human's emotion and feelings. This game takes place in the future where the world's air was so toxic that people had to transport their conscience into the t.v. robot to survive. The main character, Mirina Collin wanted to retrieve her human body back to be able to feel emotions again. So, she tries to go out from the safe zone to detoxicate the world and get closer to her dream to feel again.


A little kid named Kyou was trick-or-treating on a halloween night. Suddenly, a weird couple went behind Kyou and kidnapped him. The weird couple locked Kyou inside a cursed mansion. Unlocking the doors was the only way to get out of the mansion and every door has a specific numbers of keys you have to collect to unlock it.Kyou will encounter different creatures, the couple and solve puzzles to be able to escape the mansion.

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